• Thai cosmetic & plastic surgery
    No, or very short, waiting lists give you the freedom to decide when to have your treatment
  • Thai cosmetic & plastic surgery
    Combine your medical treatment with a relaxing holiday on a tropical beach.
  • Thai cosmetic & plastic surgery
    Thailand is home to 11 JCI accredited hospitals and almost 500 American Board certified doctors.
  • Thai cosmetic & plastic surgery
    Cosmetic surgery in thailand: World-class quality for a fraction of the price.

Plastic surgery in Thailand

Thailand is quickly becoming one of the world's leading medical tourism destinations. And for good reasons: price, quality, service, infrastructure and just being an awesome place are a few of them.

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Affordable Much cheaper than home

Rates for plastic or cosmetic surgery in Thailand are significantly lower than in the West or Middle-East.
Don't be surprised if you pay just 30% of what you would pay at home.
With more and more insurance companies covering treatment abroad, it's no wonder Thailand has 1.5 million medical tourists a year.

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Quality International standards

Especially when it comes to your health, quality matters.
Thai hospitals are famous in the region for their quality: now 11 Thai hospitals are JCI accredited and hundreds of doctors in Thailand are American Board certified.
Additionally many Thai hospitals provide a luxury more commonly seen in 4 star hotels.

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Help Help & advice

The decision to get any kind of plastic surgery is a big one. Having that surgery on the other side of the globe, doesn't make it any easier.

Discussing the situation with real people who have experience with the doctors and hospitals can be a big help.
If you have any questions or are looking for tips contact us and we will get back to you.

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